About Us

 John Surge

John Surge

A|E|C President

We help professional services firms grow revenues through marketing.

The A|E|C Agency is dedicated to helping professional services firms increase revenues with improved marketing strategy and execution.

We know the dynamics of service firms and understand that your organization requires business development and growth strategies specifically tailored to your unique needs.

We solve challenges rather than simply provide services. We develop communications tools that are the best of the best while remaining cost effective. We foster relationships and create sustained partnerships with our clients to keep a focus on marketing over the long term for the best results.

A|E|C was founded by marketing expert John Surge who recognized that small- and mid-sized service firms need a high-level yet cost-effective marketing resource. They don’t have the budget to hire full-time marketing employees or high-priced firms, and they struggle to manage relationships and projects with marketing vendors. These firms are run by dynamic individuals who have built outstanding organizations but marketing is a sore spot. They know they need to ramp up marketing to meet their growth goals, but they can’t seem to move from “we have to get going” to execution. A|E|C provides a solution that doesn’t drain their time yet meets the vision and high standards they demand.

A|E|C is a boutique firm by design to maximize the client experience: personal attention, principal-based expertise and the highest quality craftsmanship. Mr. Surge launched A|E|C after spending 21 years as President and Creative Director of a well-regarded professional services advertising agency. He is passionate about applying his vast repertoire of skills – management, marketing strategy, business development, research, creative development, project management, web and email strategy, content marketing, writing, and art direction – to advance client goals. He’s assembled an all-star team to make The A|E|C Agency a game changer for professional services firms looking to go to the next level.